What we do

We support children and youth to reach their full potential!

KUDSO program focus areas is subject to the review of the board periodically, the principles of programming is interdependent to the need of the community we serve, as well it is aligned with development trends at each time. The following lists are KUDSO’s program focus

Human Rights

KUDSO is engaging to empower community in all aspects of knowledge and capacity by improve access to the services of health, water, education, capacity and quality of Hygiene and sanitation.

Community Assets

KUDSO is engaging to improve capacity of community assets and create new community assets through constructions of public infrastructures not limited to.

Health Posts

Through integrated development initiatives, we build vital health posts, water reservoirs, and schools while equipping teachers and increasing girls’ enrollment, fostering a resilient and prosperous community.

HIV Awareness and FGM

KUDSO’s community awareness is an integral part of KUDSO’s projects implementation in the field.


KUDSO is engaging coping mechanism for recurrent droughts, which continuously affecting community livelihoods.

Environmental Protection

KUDSO is engaging initiatives at aiming improvement and protection off environment.


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UN and INGO​​

KUDSO  funding comes from different UN/INGOs, dedicated Diaspora and membership fees, are major sources of funding,  there are in cash and in kind donations paid by Institutions at abroad and in the country.  

Local Partners

KUDSO has worked with different UN/INGO organization and currently has number of International partners in the implementations of community projects. We have extensive experience in partnership agreement, collaboration guidelines, project cooperation agreement, and communication competencies, in addition, RDA possess local knowledge that contributes a part from our programmatic components. We have been partnership and worked with:-

Our Present Partners

Our present partners are:

  1. WRG
  2. UNSOM
  3.  GIZ
  4. Diaspora Community


Some of our previous partners:

  1. Islamic relief